Adžić: »We can knock out a team that is aiming for the very top of Europe.«

On Saturday, 17 February, at around 19:30, it became clear that the Krim Mercator handball players had clinched their place in the EHF Champions League Play-Offs for the fourth season in a row! Less than 24 hours later, they had won the next round of Europe's most elite club competition. They will be the handball players of CSM Bucuresti from Romania.

»CSM Bucuresti is the team that definitely deserves the Final Four. They had a lot of problems in the group stage with injuries to their main players, but now they are slowly getting back into the game. They will probably be complete in the Play-Offs,« said head strategist Dragan Adžić, gathering his first thoughts, adding: »We know the players well. We have been working well with them for the last two years, and we trained together in Ljubljana during the summer.«


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The first game will be played in our capital on 16 or 17 March, and the return leg in Bucharest, Romania, a week later. Adžić knows that the task ahead of the Krim family is challenging, but he is optimistic about the next two games: »We can get a good result and knock out a team that is aiming for the very top of Europe.«