A win over Lubin for a ticket to the EHF Champions League Play-offs!

The players of Krim Mercator qualified for the EHF Champions League Play-offs. On Saturday in Stožice, they did not allow any surprises and secured their place in the next round of Europe's most elite club competition with a 32:19 victory over Zaglebie Lubina. At least one more handball spectacle is coming to Ljubljana next month!

No team should be underestimated,” said the Ljubljana team before the start of Saturday’s match. Even the Poles, who have not tasted the joy of victory this season. And rightly so.

Bożena Karkut‘s charges took the lead in the first minute through Karolina Jurenczyk, but that didn’t stop the Tigers. Daria Dmitrieva scored two goals in a row to level the score at 2:2 and Tamara Mavsar gave the Blues their first lead in the third minute.

Krim Mercator have secured their promotion to the top 12 teams of the EHF Champions League!

It was a slightly more subdued sequel, with the visitors resisting well against the home team. But only until halfway through the first half, when Dmitrieva herself made it 3:0. At that point, Dragan Adžić‘s team had a five-goal lead. Tjaša Stanko and Jovanka Radičević added some more fuel to the fire at the end of the first half (five goals in total) and the lead after 30 minutes of play was significant. 18:10 was the score!

The Tigresses kept the advantage. Betchaidelle Ngombele and Itana Grbić were among the scorers, while Maja Vojnović shone in goal. The final score was 32:19.

The top scorer this time was Dmitrieva, who had seven goals in the first half, but stopped at nine in the end. Five of them came from Radičević, who was 100% this time.

With the win, the Krim Mercator players have secured their promotion to the top 12 teams of the EHF Champions League! They finished the group part of Europe’s most elite club competition in fifth place in Group B and will therefore play against CSM Bucuresti of Romania in the play-offs. Tickets for the new European spectacle will be available very soon!

Dragan Adžić, head coach of RK Krim Mercator: »The Lubin team has improved a lot during the EHF Champions League season, they have gained great experience. A big thank you today goes to the crowd and the girls who showed the right approach.«

Tjaša Stanko, player of RK Krim Mercator: »I am very happy for what we showed. We were strong as a team. Now we are already looking towards the next round of the competition.«

Krim Mercator : KGHM MKS Zagłębie Lubin (POL) 32:19 (18:10)
EHF Champions League 2023/24 (Round 14); 17 February 2024 (18.00); Arena Stožice, Ljubljana, 4.000 specatators

Referees: Gianna Stella Merisi, Andrea Alejandra Pepe (Italy); delegate: Jutta Ehrmann-Wolf (Germany)
Krim Mercator: Jurič, Radičević 5, Stanko 3, Pineau, Mavsar 3, Spreitzer, Dmitrieva 9, Arenhart, Vojnovič, Varagić, Ngombele 3, Lazović 1, Brnović 3, Rosiak 2, Abina, Grbić 3.
KGHM MKS Zagłębie Lubin: Pankowska 2, Przywara 3, Zima, Gorna, Zych 1, Drabik, Szarkova, Milczarczyk, Michalak 6, Bujnohova 1, Kochaniak-Sala 2, Machado Matielli 1, Jurenczyk 2, Milojević 1, Maliczkiewicz.
7-meters: Krim Mercator 4 (2), KGHM MKS Zagłębie Lubin 4 (1).
2 minutes: Krim Mercator 8 minut, KGHM MKS Zagłębie Lubin 6 minut.