The Tigresses in Denmark kept their hopes for a new point until the end

Krim Mercator's handball players entered the second part of the group stage of this year's EHF Champions League with a defeat. In the return meeting with the Danish team Odense Håndbold, especially on the wings of 16 defenses, Barbara Arenhart kept her hopes of a new European point up until the end. But they missed four goals (22:26), just as much as the Tigresses trailed after half of the match (11:15).
Odense (DAN) - Krim Mercator 26:22 (15:11)
Sunday, 11 December, at 16:00, Sydbank Arena, 1778 spectators
Referees: Tatjana Prastalo, Vesna Balvan (BiH); Delegate: Zuzana Fuleova (Slovakia)
Odense: Thörn, Aardahl 3, Pedersen 1, van Wetering 4, Iversen 2, Reinhardt, Fagerberg, Ikehara 2, Løseth, Groot 1, Vollebregt, Højlund 4, Housheer 8, Mejlvang, Hagesø 1.
Krim Mercator: Radosavljević 1, Radičević 1, Stanko, Pineau 2, Abina, Žabjek, Dmitrieva 1, Arenhart 1, Klemenčič 1, Ljepoja 2, Varagić 1, Lazović 5, Kovarova, Risović, Rosiak 6, Svetik 1.
Penalties (7-meters): Odense 3 (2), Krim Mercator 2 (1)
Suspensions: Odense 6 minutes, Krim Mercator 10 minutes
Dragan Adžić, coach of RK Krim Mercator: “We entered the first half well, with quality preparation and with the right energy. The difference came when we didn’t take advantage of the opportunities we created. We also couldn’t fully count on Tjaša Stanko and Jovanka Radičević, who had some health problems. The other handball players gave their all. We made a step forward compared to last week, but unfortunately it wasn’t enough. The difference of four goals at halftime was already crucial.”
Aleksandra Rosiak, RK Krim Mercator handball player: “We prepared well to defend our rivals 5:1, which we showed. But we made too many technical mistakes, which we must not repeat in future matches. We played better than a week ago, we fought until the end and left our hearts on the field.”