What are the differences between French and Slovenian people?

Preveden zapis lahko preberete na Kakšna je razlika med Slovenci in Francozi?

After 6 months in Slovenia I m going to try to explain my point of view about this question. I don t want to generalize,  or to expose a sociological study about this subject, I suggest to read theses next lines just as a personal vision and subjective feelings about my experience.

Slovenian people are reasonably good at English, they are speaking much more better than we do in France . Maybe it s due to the size of the country and that they need to master a foreign language to easily communicate with others.
French is the second more influent language in the world, almost 300 millions of people are able to speak it. I think it s one of the biggest excuse for French not learn others languages.
Furthermore, I believe that one of the Slovenian ‘s secret for their good level in English is that all of tv programs and movies are broadcasting in V.O. whereas almost all of foreigner’s films are dubbed in France. Hear English everyday helps a lot! One nice aspect for me here is that I can appreciate to watch a French movie on TV or cinema every now and then!

Slovenian people are much more early riser than French ! Comparing to Paris, the rhythm of life is a little bit different. It took me time to understand that in Ljubljana people are living with “one hour shift”. I mean, in France we are almost never training before 10 o’clock, schools open at 8 when it begins at 7 in Slovenia and the traffic jam is around 17h30/18h30 in spite of 15h30/16h30 in Lj, lunch at 12 when it could be at 11 here and so on….
I explain this difference with the sun. It gets up and go down earlier, during summer I was surprise to notice that at 19h it was almost dark outside while we can easily enjoy a dinner with a great light till 21h in France.

In the capital of Slovenia I rarely see black, Arabic, asiatic or Latino people. Comparing to France it s a big difference. Even though there are also many problems of integration, we’re used to live together in big cities. The recent terrorist attacks, such as thoses as we ve just lived in Paris, shocked and overwhelm us. In one side, it shows that the French population could be divided !  Some are making amalgams between terrorism, Islam religion and Muslim people, and it could be dangerous because of incitement to racial hatred. And others, the majority of population defend the secular republic, the national union and freedom of expression. In solidarity with the 17 victims of terrorism attacks, millions of people were demonstrating in the streets.

There’s not so much immigration in Slovenia. I can imagine that there is “Balkan immigration” but in one way “it s not so visible…” Cause there’s no differences of color.
I don t really know if there is a lot of racism here, maybe because I don t understand Slovenian language. I don t know if people are talking bad, but you still can feel non verbal language, and I haven t been embarrassed by the feeling that everybody was looking at me and judging me because of my color. Even if Slovenian people apparently don’t use to live in melting pot, the eye contact is very simple, and quick. Living in Slovenia is very nice, it s much more relaxing than in Paris. I was surprised my first time in Piran ! I saw a lot of people walking in the streets in bikini and naturally laying down along the roads without any body complexes, they were laid-back,  I like this way of life, even if I miss my country  and my people sometimes!

I could continue to expose other ideas and other points of views about the differences between France and Slovenia, talking about food or handball etc… but maybe this could be the object of a next writing on the blog…. If people are interested in it… 🙂