The Tigresses did not allow any surprises in Tivoli

Krim Mercator's handball players achieved their second consecutive domestic European victory! On Sunday, February 22, in the hall under Rožnik, they overcame Czech Banik Most with a final score of 42:31. The heroes of the victory were Daria Dmitrieva and Jovanka Radičević with nine goals, and Barbara Arenhart and Jovana Risović, who collected a total of 19 saves!
Krim Mercator - Banik Most 42:31 (24:11)
Sunday, 22 January, at 14:00, Tivoli Hall, 1023 spectators
Referees: Marija Ilieva, Silvana Karbeska (North Macedonia); Delegate: Janka Stasova (Slovakia)
Krim Mercator: Radosavljević 3, Jurič, Radičević 9, Stanko 5, Žabjek, Dmitrieva 9, Arenhart 1, Klemenčič 2, Miklič, Ljepoja 4, Varagić 1, Lazović 2, Risović 1, Rosiak 2, Marković, Svetik 3.
Banik Most: Striškova 5, Andryskova 5, Šutranova 2, Veselovska, Pokorna, Janssen, Mikulcik 2, Radova, Cholevova 10, Mülnnerova, Kašparova, Brabcova, Spone 1, Kroftova 1, Polakova 2, Somionka 3.
Penalties (7-meters): Krim Mercator 4 (4), Banik Most 3 (2)
Suspensions: Krim Mercator 6 minutes, Banik Most 6 minutes

Dragan Adžić, coach of RK Krim Mercator: “First of all, congratulations to the Banik Most team, which has improved a lot since our last match between them. Compared to the match against FTC, we wanted to improve our attitude and give back to the club what it gives us. I’m happy with that!”

Sanja Radosavljević, RK Krim Mercator handball player: “These are extremely important points for us, but at the same time it is important that we played with great energy and left our hearts on the court. We will also have to do this in the remaining two meetings of the group stage of the EHF Champions League.”


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