Seventh Supercup trophy for the Tigers

Krim Mercator's handball players opened the new competitive season with a victory at the 7th Super Cup. In Izola, Ljubljana handball players won against ŽRK Z'dežele with a score of 30:24. Thoughts are already focused on the first challenge of the EHF Champions League, the Tigresses will visit Bucharest, Romania.

After a two-year hiatus due to the epidemic, the Ljubljana and Celje clubs competed again for the first laurel of the season, as we already watched the match between the same opponents in 2017. The Ljubljana serial national champions then celebrated with a score of 34:21.

Krim Mercator held the score advantage throughout the meeting, the highest was at the beginning of the second half, when it amounted to four goals (18:14). Celje’s opponents came close several times, and in the 51st minute the score was 26:24.

In the playoffs, Krim Mercator finally crowned their supremacy with four consecutive goals, but they did not receive a goal on the other side. Daria Dmitrieva scored seven goals for the winners, Aleksandra Rosiak added five.

The Super Cup test was the last competitive test before the first match of the EHF Champions League. The Crimean women will travel to the Romanian capital on Friday, where they will face Bucharest on Sunday at 4 p.m. The match will be broadcast on TV Arena Sport.

Dragan Adžić, coach of RK Krim Mercator: “I am happy that I won my first trophy in Slovenia with the Krim Mercator. I expected a challenging match against the rivals from Celje, who I know well because of my work as a selector. It was a good preparation for the start of the competition in the Champions League. The match showed that we can raise many things to a much higher level. The motivated women from Celje helped us so much.”

Krim Mercator - ŽRK Z'dežele 30:24 (17:14)
Saturday, 3 September, at 18.00, Kraška, Izola – 200 specators
Referees: Žan Pukšič, Miha Satler - Delegate: Janko Strel
Krim Mercator: Pineau 3, Abina 3, Žabjek, Dmitrieva 7, Arenhart, Cerovak, Klemenčič 2, Miklič, Ljepoja 2, Varagić 4, Lazović 3, Kovarova 1, Risović, Rosiak 5, Marković, Svetik.
ŽRK Z'dežele: Bon Brzin 5, Vrček 5, Regner, Novak 5, Krajnc Zagrušovcem, Perić, Žener 1, Meža, Pišek 1, Artelj, Dobnik 1, Zulić, Čerenjak 2, Bukovec, Strnad Zelen 4.
7-meters: Krim Mercator 3 (3), Z'dežele 4 (3)
Suspensions: Krim Mercator 10 minut, Z'dežele 4 minute