Outstanding Ana Gros in RK Krim Mercator

Until the end of the season, Krim Mercator's team will be strengthened by the best Slovenian player Ana Gros, also the captain of our national team. Krim recognized her exceptional talent and launched her into handball Europe more than a decade ago. After prematurely terminating her cooperation with CSKA Moscow in early March due to the tragic situation related to the war in Ukraine, she will now move to Ljubljana. Thus, after a dozen years, she will once again wear the jersey of the only Slovenian club that is currently participating in the elite European club competition.

Gros, currently the most recognizable product of the Krim handball school, is considered one of the best handball players in the world. That this is true, along with many titles, trophys and awards, is also evidenced by the success of the 2020/21 season, when she scored 135 goals in the Champions League for French Brest and thus became the top scorer in the elite handball competition of clubs in the Old Continent. She was also named the best handball player in the French championship, and in addition to all the individual trophys, she also won the crown of French national champions with her teammates. The handball players from Brest won the domestic championship for the first time in the 2020/21 season.

The captain of the Slovenian national team gained experience in a rich career after taking advantage of the opportunity at the Krim, the Hungarian Györ, the German Thüringer, the French Metz and Brest, and most recently the Russian CSKA. She is returning to Ljubljana after the 2009/10 season. At that time, she also played in the Champions League for the first time and scored 36 goals in this competition. This season, in the jersey of the Moscow team, she shook the net 71 times, thus ranking 10th on the list of the most effective players in the Champions League.

For the national team Gros has so far collected 129 appearances and 624 goals, thus occupying the second place on the eternal list of goals of the Slovenian national team.

Ana Gros, handball player of RK Krim Mercator: “After my trip to CSKA Moscow, with which I parted very correctly, ended due to the tragic events in Ukraine, I received many offers from clubs from all over Europe. I followed my heart and positive energy and decided to accept the offer of RK Krim Mercator, a club where I started taking concrete steps into the world of professional handball more than a decade ago. I mostly know the girls from before, we have a great relationship, I have been training with the team for more than a week. I am very grateful to the club management for coming to my senses in very stressful times, and I will do my best to surprise Europe with the club. The fact that Slovenia will host the European Handball Championship in November also played an important role in the decision. In the dual role, I will be able to spread the word about women’s handball and women’s sports even better, which I am not only happy about, but also extremely proud of. “

Deja Ivanović, sports director of RK Krim Mercator: “We are extremely happy that Ana Gros is returning to RK Krim Mercator before the most important matches of the season, in which we recognized her luxurious talent in Krim and put her on the European handball map. We are proud that we have fulfilled one of the main strategic goals and really gathered most of the best Slovenian players in Ljubljana. We are once again becoming a club that can confidently and ambitiously put itself on the edge of any team from the Champions League. I can’t wait for the European season to continue and for us to work together to prove our potential. In the Tivoli Hall in the first match in the fight for the quarterfinals of the strongest women’s club competition of the Old Continent on Saturday, March 26, we will also need the help of spectators and now with a strengthened team we will be even better, more attractive. That is why I invite all handball and sports fans to come and support us. We belong among the top eight in the Champions League and we will prove it! ”