On Saturday after the first two points

Before the handball players of Krim Mercator is the third European test this season. This time they are going to the Czech Republic, where they will face the DHK Banik Most team on Saturday, September 24, at 4:00 p.m. The match will be broadcast live on Arena Sport 1.
Banik Most (CZE)
Krim Mercator
Saturday, 24.9.2022

On Sunday, the EHF Champions League match against Vipers Kristiansand, on Monday the national championship match in Izola, on Wednesday the cup meeting in Litija, and on Saturday the fourth match in less than a week. “We are going on the journey with good energy. Handball players have a professional attitude. The two home games may have been beneficial for some, and I want that to show on Saturday,” Dragan Adžić, chief strategist of Krim’s family, said of the hard pace.

If the Krim Mercator emphasized a week ago that the Norwegian women are characterised by a fast game, this time it will be different. “We do not know the DHK Banik Most team very well, but we have seen that they are combative and unfavorable. We will have to last all 60 minutes of the match. We will need a concentrated game in defense, but in attack we will have to find a rhythm and score an easy goal,” Nataša Ljepoja said at the last meeting with the representatives of the seventh power. “The Czech game is not that fast. They play more on power, which is similar to the German way. The contestants are young and motivated, so we have to prepare well,” added Sara Kovarova, who knows this time’s contestants well. She played in the team from Chomutov for three seasons, but this time she is returning to Rocknet Arena in the jersey of Krim Mercator.

Allison Pineau will not play in it on Saturday, as she remains in Ljubljana due to problems with her left shoulder. The other actresses are ready for a new European tour. The Tigers will fight for the first two points this season on Saturday, September 24, at 4:00 p.m. The match will be broadcast live on Arena Sport 1.