Krim in Norway ended this season’s European trip

The Krim Mercator handball players did not manage to make a turnaround in the quarter-final match of the EHF Champions League in Kristiansand, Norway, so the Vipers handball players are traveling to the final tournament in Budapest. The last European match in the 2021/22 season for the Ljubljana representatives ended with a result of 33:24 (17:12) in favor of the hosts. Only Ana Gros was in the mood with eight goals, Katarina Krpež-Šlezak added five.
Vipers (NOR) - Krim Mercator 33:24 (17:12)
Saturday, 7 May at 18:00, Aquarama, Kristiansand – 1750 spectators
Referees: Vanja Antić, Jelena Jakovljević (Srbija); Delegate: Bjarne Munk Jensen
Vipers: Mørk 5, Waade, Eriksson, Gullden 4, Hoeve 3, Lunde, Hesselberg 1, Tchaptchet Defo 1, Dahl 6, Tomac, Tomori, Yttereng, Naes Andersen 3, Debelić 2, Knedlikova 5, Jerabkova 3.
Krim Mercator: Radosavljević 2, Sercien Ugolin, Pineau 1, Abina, Žabjek, van Kreij 1, Arenhart, Posavec 1, Ljepoja 1, Varagić 1, Gomilar Zickero, Krpež Šlezak 5, Brnović 1, Risović, Gros 8, Lekić 3.
7-meters: Vipers 4 (4), Krim Mercator 5 (3)
Suspensions (2 min): Vipers 8 minut, Krim Mercator 6 minut
Red card: Brnović (37', Krim Mercator)

Nataša Derepasko, coach of RK Krim Mercator: “The match was difficult. We started too nervous, made too many mistakes. We got closer to them in the second half, but we couldn’t make a difference smaller of three goals. The collective game was missing. It must be acknowledged that the currently better team has progressed. “

Ana Gros, player of RK Krim Mercator: “Vipers were better in both matches. The first match in Ljubljana was the reason why it was difficult for us today, as we entered the match with seven goals behind. We made too many mistakes, we started nervously, at times we didn’t do what we agreed in the locker room and in training sessions, which the competitors punished every time. It’s hard to sum up thoughts after defeat. Congratulations to the Norwegians for being promoted to the top four teams in Europe. “

Fotogallery Vipers (NOR) – Krim Mercator