Denmark’s game decided in the final seconds

Krim Mercator's handball players made a strong start to the EHF Champions League Fourth Round game. Determined to come back from the away leg in Denmark with two new points. But unfortunately it didn't work out. The plan was spoiled by Markéta Jerábková, who scored with four seconds left to make it 33:32. The Tigresses will now face a new European test in less than three weeks when they host Vipers Kristiansand in Hala Tivoli.

In the opening minutes, Daria Dmitrieva took on the responsibility of the Krim family. With three goals, one added by Tatjana Brnović, she kept the away team in front until the tenth minute, when Kasper Christensen’s charges took the lead for the first time. But the Tigresses were able to take advantage of Sarah Iversen’s sending off four minutes later and tied the game again after goals by Tjaša Stanko and Alja Varagić, who replaced Jovanka Radičević on the right wing.

The equal fight on both sides continued … until the end of the first half, when Dragan Adžić‘s team stepped on the gas. And led by four goals. A big thank you to Barbara Arenhart. She collected 12 defences in the first half, and added another goal from across the field.

But the Brazilian “octopus”, who was in high spirits, slowed down a bit in the second half. The result… An equaliser in the 47th minute and later a goal by Emma Cecilia Uhrskov Friis to give the home team another lead.

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A change at the gate followed. Maja Vojnović got her chance between the posts, but unfortunately too late. With one minute to go, she deflected a shot by Simone Cathrine Petersen and the Tigresses had a shot to win the game. However, the plan did not work out. Tamara Mavsar was unsuccessful from the wing, but it was a better result for the Danish team, who scored four seconds before the end through Markéta Jerábková. Final score 33:32.

Despite the defeat, Sunday was Tjaša Stanko‘s day. She scored nine times. Daria Dmitrieva added one goal less.

Now, the players of Krim Mercator have a few days of competition break. They return to the European floor on Saturday, 21 October. They will host Vipers (Norway), the reigning European champions, in the legendary Hala Tivoli. The showdown will start at 18:00, tickets are available HERE.

Krim will face Vipers on Saturday, 21 October (18.00) in Hala Tivoli, Ljubljana. Tickets HERE.

Dragan Adžić, head coach of RK Krim Mercator: »Ikast Handbold proved why they can beat such quality teams this season. We prepared well and had a good start to the game. We had some health problems (Tamara Mavsar and Barbara Lazović had fever) and it showed. We are on the right track and I am extremely happy with the result after four rounds.«

Alja Varagić, player of RK Krim Mercator: »After this game, we are certainly not talking about disappointment, but about an important lesson before the season continues. We have shown that we can compete on equal terms with such strong and fast opponents. In the second half, it was small mistakes that made the difference and the hosts punished them.«

Ikast (DEN) : Krim Mercator 33:32 (14:18)

EHF Champions League 2023/24 (Round 4); 1 October 2023 (16.00); Ikast (Denmark); referees: Javier Alvarez Mata, Yon Bustamante Lopez (SPA); delegate: Beat Nagel (CHE).
Ikast Handbold: Schjött, Scaglione, Brandt, Skogrand 6, Iversen 2, Lindqvist 2, Friis 8, Austmo Pedersen, Petersen 4, Lykkegaard 1, Hansen, Bakkerud 8, Mortensen, Jerabkova 1, Sorensen, Hougaard 1.
Krim Mercator: Radičević 1, Stanko 9, Pineau, Mavsar 2, Spreitzer, Dmitrieva 8, Arenhart 1, Klemenčič, Vojnovič, Zulić, Varagić 2, Lazović 3, Brnović 4, Rosiak 1, Abina, Grbić 1.
7-meters: Ikast Handbold 2 (1), Krim Mercator 1 (1).
2 minutes: Ikast Handbold 4 min, Krim Mercator 8 min.