Czech women danced to the tunes of tigresses

In the most successful match in the history of the Ljubljana club, Krim Mercator's handball players achieved a convincing victory over the DHK Banik Most team. The Czechs won with a final score of 42:29 and thus got the first pair of points in the 28th consecutive season among the European elite. This time an excellent team performance should be highlighted. As many as 12 tigresses scored at least one goal.
Banik Most (CZE) - Krim Mercator 29:42 (13:21)
Sunday, 24 September, at 16:00, Chomutov, 500 spectators
Referees: Ioanna Christidi, Ioanna Papamattheou (Greece); Delegate: Gerhard Reisinger (Austria)
Banik Most: Holanova, Striškova 8, Šutranova 3, pokorna, Janssen, Mikulcik 5, Cholevova 1, Mullnerova, Eksteinova 2, Smetkova 1, Spone 2, Kroftova, Polakova 1, Kostelna 2, Somionka 1, Mikulaškova 3.
Krim Mercator: Radičević 6, Stanko 5, Abina, Žabjek, Dmitrieva 6, Arenhart, Cerovak 1, Klemenčič 3, Ljepoja 1, Varagić 2, Lazović 6, Kovarova 6, Risović, Rosiak 1, Marković 2, Svetik 3.
Penalites (7-meters): Banik most 3 (3), Krim Mercator 3 (2)
Suspensions: Banik Most 10 minut, Krim Mercator 8 minut
Red card: Ljepoja (53' Krim Mercator)

Dragan Adžić, coach of RK Krim Mercator: “I am happy that we achieved our first victory, and at the same time, some handball players scored their first European goals in the jersey of Krim Mercator. We managed to do what we wanted in the match. We stayed healthy. The home games against Izola and Litija, which we played during the week, proved to be useful. I want us to build our form through the national championship in the rest of the season as well. Now it’s time to focus on the match against FTC-Rail Cargo Hungaria.”

Barbara Lazović, captain of RK Krim Mercator: “After two defeats, it is certainly challenging to play, especially when you know you are the favorite. But we were focused, we did our best, and the end result is realistic.”

TjaÅ¡a Stanko, RK Krim Mercator handball player: “We knew that the Czech women would play fast, but we wanted a victory and two points. We prepared well and I think we proved that we are better. I am very happy and proud of the team!”