Handball Club Krim, founded in 1984, has had seven presidents and once a vice-president in its history.

Zoran Janković, častni predsednik in župan Mestne občine Ljubljana:

Fifteen unforgettable years bound me with Krim, where I found challenge and hope, dreams, courage and victory. With the team, we experienced tears and laughter. We started in manger, got ourselves successfully on our feet and then grew all the way to college, where we crowned our perseverance and dedication with a handball doctorate. We believed in success and confidently reached for the stars. Many times we have proven that we can be the best. On our way, we were really faithfully accompanied by many who also believed – in us and with us, encouraged us and rejoiced with us.

Zoran Janković (Mayor of the City of Ljubljana) - president of the club between 1992-1997, and today honorary president of the club.

To all of you who are now shaping the destiny of Krim, I sincerely wish you in the future to go beyond the period that remains the most in my heart and to bear the victorious coat of arms of Krim with responsibility and pride.



1984 – 1987: Miran Stanič (President of the women´s section at ŠD Krim)
1987 – 1992: Vojka Toni
1992 – 1997: Zoran Janković
1997 – 2006: Marjan Doler (as vice-president)
2006 – 2009: Peter Zavrl
2009 – 2014: Bojan Petan
2014 – 2019: Goran Bojović
2019 – today: Iztok Verdnik

2x Champions League

29x National Championship

27x National Cup