Fans Krimovci

An organized group of fans – Krimovci, who encourage the players of the Krim Mercator Handball Club at matches, invites all fans of handball and the Krim Mercator Club to join us.

We invite all those with a lot of goodwill who are ready to help the players to competitive success with loud encouragement, to reward them with their positive approach even in moments when they do not win, who are ready to hang out with a group that has been organized for the fourth year (some members since 94) who are willing to make new friends and solidify their travels when the team is visiting to join us.

Krimovci currently has 58 members with paid membership fees. So far, we have followed the club at home matches and tours and let me just list the countries we have travelled to and experienced many beautiful things: Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Denmark, Spain, Germany, Sweden and what else could be found.

We are connected by sociability, coordination, sports cheering without riots, and above all the love for handball and the Club of Krim.

All information about the operation, as well as the accession statement together with the rules, can be obtained from the president of the fan association Brane Nose, tel. 040 123 510 or via e-mail

Come on in, take a look and enjoy yourself!

Cheerleading greetings: “DEJMO, KRIM!”

President of the fan group Krimovci, Brane Nose.
Brane Nose

2x Champions League

29x National Championship

27x National Cup