Better in the first half, ampty-handed at the end

Krim Mercator's handball players proved that the Delo EHF Champions League title does not lead to an easy victory.
Krim Mercator : Vipers (NOR) 26:27 (16:10)
Saturday, 30 October, 18:00, Arena Stožic (Ljubljana, SLO); 500 spectators
Referees: Tomas Barysas, Povilas Petrusis (Lithuania); Delegate: Frank Boöllhoff (Germany)
Krim Mercator: Jurič, Stanko 6, Sercien Ugolin 2, Pineau 3, Žabjek, van Kreij, Arenhart, Posavec, Klemenčič, Ljepoja 2, Varagić 4, Gomilar Zickero, Krpež Šlezak 3, Risović, Lekić 4, Svetik 2.
Vipers: Pedersen, Dahlum, Mørk 11, Jonassen 4, Gulldén 2, Hoeve, Lunde, Tchaptchet Defo, Dahl 2, Tomac 1, Tomori, Naes Andersen 1, Debelić, Knedlikova 6, Jerábková.
7-meters: Krim Mercator 4 (2), Vipers 4 (3)
Suspensions (2 min): Krim Mercator 10 minutes, Vipers 6 minutes

Team from Ljubljana was not intimidated by Vipers Kristiansand, moreover, they outplayed Norwegians in the first half (16:10). But nine goals advantage was not enough. Due to the shooting eclipse, Krim Mercator was at the end a goal away from the new European point (26:27). In the sixth round of the Delo EHF Champions League, the top scorer was Tjaša Stanko, who netted six times for Krim.

Photos (Krim Mercator – Vipers)