A dream start to the 2023/24 season

Krim Mercator's handball players opened the EHF Champions League with a victory after nine years! In the opening match of their 29th consecutive season in Europe's most elite club competition, they defeated MKS Zagłębie Lubin from Poland (18:36). The team performance was the most creditable, with four players scoring five goals each.

The very start of the game in Lubin was decisive and excellent. The Tigresses lived up to their bold predictions and by the tenth minute had already built up a six-goal lead. It is hard to single out just one of Dragan Adžić‘s players who was particularly lively. They all scored.

First Jovanka Radičević, then Daria Dmitrieva and Tamara Mavsar, followed by Tatjana Brnović, Alja Varagić and Aleksandra Rosiak. The latter was very efficient on »home turf« in the first half, stopping five goals.

The seven-goal margin was more than enough in the second half. The away team kept filling the net of their rivals, the newcomers in the elite EHF Champions League. The advantage grew from minute to minute and the victory was not in doubt for a moment. Nina Zulić scored her third goal of the game to make the final score 18:36.

Jovanka Radičević, Tamara Mavsar, Daria Dmitrieva and Aleksandra Rosiak scored five goals each.

A new opportunity to prove ourselves, the first home one of the new season, is a week away. On Sunday, 17 September, at 14:00, Team Esbjerg will be in Stožice, Ljubljana. Tickets are on sale HERE.

Dragan Adžić, head coach of Krim Mercator: »After nine years, it’s great to start the season with a win. The players entered the game with determination, which is key on hosting against a team we don’t know very well. With good preparation and a great start, we made the decisive step to prevent our opponents from showing their game. We are now looking ahead to Esbjerg, who have played in the final 4 tournament of the EHF Champions League for the last two seasons. I believe in another great game – on Sunday 17 September at 14.00!«

Tamara Mavsar, player of Krim Mercator: »I am very happy that we opened the EHF Champions League with a win. We knew it wouldn’t be easy. We were focused on ourselves, and that carried over onto the court. An easier start to the European season is a big plus for us. The first match is always difficult and the fact is that we can breathe easier now. I hope we can continue in this style!«

Zagłębie Lubin (POL) : Krim Mercator 18:36 (6:19)
EHF Champions League 2023/24 (1st round); 9 September 2023 (18.00); Hala Widowiskowo Sportowa RCS (Lubin, Poland), 3000 spectators.

Referees: Ilieva, Karbeska (North Macedonia); delegate: Konecny (Czech Republic)
Zagłębie Lubin: Promis 2, Pankowska 2, Grzyb 5, Przywara, Zima, Gorna, Zych 1, Szarkova, Michalak 1, Bujnohova 3, Kochaniak-Sala, Machado Matielli 4, Jurenczyk, Milojević, Maliczkiewicz.
Krim Mercator: Radičević 5, Stanko, Pineau, Mavsar 5, Spreitzer, Dmitrieva 5, Arenhart, Klemenčič 4, Vojnovič, Zulić 3, Varagić 3, Ngombele, Brnović 4, Rosiak 5, Abina 2, Grbić.
Penalty shots: Zagłębie Lubin 4 (2), Krim Mercator 5 (4).
2 minutes: Zagłębie Lubin 0 minut, Krim Mercator 10 minut.


PHOTO: Zagłębie Lubin