17-year-old Betchaïdelle Ngombele is coming to Ljubljana

At the December World Cup in Spain, we were able to follow the talented 17-year-old handball player in the Congolese national team jersey, who drew attention to herself with her 21 goals. The tall handball player will gain new handball experience in the club environment of Nataša Derepasko.

The talented handball player was also announced at the International Handball Federation after the championship, where Congo played in the main part of the competition after the victory against Tunisia and won the final 23rd place. “I saw great potential in her, so we invited her to the African Championships. She worked hard that week, we live in Africa and people here have to work hard to get a good result, ” Congolese coach Younes Tatby said of Ngombele at the time.

The Congolese coach and Tanguy Yoka, vice-president of the national association and the CARA Brazzaville club, where the 190 cm tall handball player comes from, will travel to Slovenia together with Ngombele. The arrival of the young handball player is the first step in further cooperation with this African country.

Deja Ivanović, sports director of Krim Mercator: “Signing a contract with a young, extremely talented handball player for the club represents a strategic step for the future. Given the lack of players of this type in Europe, the signing of a long-term contract with a 190 cm tall player is even more welcome. It is now up to us to develop it in the right direction, with the goal of developing to top sports creativity. I believe that the visit of her delegation is also an opportunity for deeper cooperation in the future. “

Betchaïdelle Ngombele, handball player of Krim Mercator: “I was very pleased with my performances at the World Cup, as this was my first big competition and I think I did my best. I didn’t feel the pressure. The more I played, the more relaxed I was. You have to be brave to be able to play against such strong opponents. I am glad that I arrived in Ljubljana and met the team. I have new challenges ahead of me, and moving to Ljubljana is my life’s opportunity. I want to make the most of it. “